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13-060&1.jpg (29465 bytes) DOP WAX . Green Dop Wax is our most popular wax for dopping cabochons. Melts at 160 degrees Fahrenheit. This specially formulated low temperature wax is ideally suited for heat sensitive stones such as Opals and Turquoise. Black Dop Wax is a wax with a higher melting temperature than the green dop wax. Recommended for use when greater holding strength is required. Stones have a lesser tendency to move or shift with this wax. Useful during grinding and polishing operations where increased pressure and heat may cause movement of the stone. Melts at 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Packaged in one pound boxes with 4 sticks per box.
Black Dop Wax Item No. 13-062 $17.95 3+ $15.35 ea.
Green Dop Wax Item No. 13-060 $17.85  3+ $15.15 ea.


LEECO BROWN DOP WAX. This "old time favorite" brown wax, when applied correctly, provides a tight, firm, heat resistant bond which will hold up throughout the cutting and polishing process. Supplied in 4 ounce packages.
Item No. 08-612 $8.95


DopStation. A nice and simple solution to working with dopping waxes has been developed just for lapidary! The DopStation is used for melting dop waxes with a custom calibrated ceramic heating element and then hold the wax at the proper working temperature. A lighted switch reminds you to turn it off when you are done! Also features a convenient tool and dop storage area and a wide lip on the rim to pre-heat your stones.
Item No. 09-203 $32.95


STICK SHELLAC. Used primarily for dopping stones which are to be faceted. This high temperature shellac provides the extra holding power needed when faceting stones. The shellac is readily dissolved in alcohol, permitting the stones to be easily removed. Melts at 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Two bars per package, approximate size of each bar is 5/8 x 3/8 x 3 in.
Item No. 08-609 $15.35  3+ $13.25 ea


HOT STUFF Super Glues. The best around!

Industrial Strength: A very pure form of cyanoacrylate (instant glue). Oil is not added to lengthen shelf life (as many products do). You get SUPERIOR Bonds with Hot Stuff adhesives. Hot Stuff remains clear and will buff up to a high polish using the same things you use on gemstones. And yes Hot Stuff has real good shear strength.

Uses: mounting stones, fossil preparation, inlay, crack repair, doping cabs and faceted stones, repairing crystals, filling small holes in stone, treating porous gems and countless other applications.

Storage: Place new, Unopened bottles in the Freezer at or below 32 F. for extended shelf life. Store opened bottles at room temperature. 2 Oz. bottles have the longest shelf life at over 1 year.

Original Hot Stuff Red - Traditional thin, like water, for exact fits and deep penetration. 1/2 oz. package. Item 08-644 $3.95
Original Hot Stuff Red - 2 oz. package Item 08-645 $10.95
Hot Stuff Special T - Thick, will not flow, gap filling for bonding uneven surfaces. 1 oz. package. Item 08-646 $6.80
Hot Stuff Special T - 2 oz. package Item 08-647 $11.95


NCF Accelerator.

A bond accelerator for all cyanoacrylate adhesives, including Hot Stuff. Can be used before or after adhesive is applied. Especially useful when more than a drop or 2 of Hot Stuff is needed, as cyanoacrylate does not bond quickly in larger quantities. One spritz from the spray pump bottle is all that is needed. On close fitting parts, apply adhesive, then spray edge and NCF will cause a chain reaction bond to occur. Use very small quantities  to avoid causing the adhesive to turn white, and for economy.

2 oz. Pump Spray Accelerator Item 08-650 $6.95
6 oz. Aerosol Accelerator Item 08-651 $11.95


08-628.jpg (44606 bytes) EPOXY 330. A water clear 2 part epoxy that takes a very high polish. Great for inlay work. Curing time is 1 hour at 700 F or 10 minutes at 2000 F. Sold in 1 oz. set in metal tubes or 4 oz. set in plastic bottles.
Item No. 08-628 1 oz. tubes $4.75  3+ $3.99 ea.
Item No. 08-629 4 oz. plastic bottles $17.85  3+ $16.05 ea.


5 MINUTE EPOXY. Supplied In An Easy To Use Syringe Dispenser, this 2 part epoxy is extruded ready for mixing. Great for dopping stones, assembling jewelry and repairing antiques. Bonds to metal, wood, glass, plastics, stones etc. Dries clear.

Item No. 08-625 $9.95  3+ $8.45 ea.


08-617.jpg (6949 bytes) On/Off DISC ADHESIVE. by 3M. The preferred contact (on/off) adhesive used to securely attach polishing discs and pads to the base plate. Provides excellent holding power during the polishing operation yet allows easy removal of the disc by peeling. Supplied in 5 oz. tubes.
Item No. 08-617 $23.25  3+ $19.76 ea.


08-632.jpg (26682 bytes) OPTICON FRACTURE SEALER. Seal fractures and pits in cut and uncut stones. Can be heated to create a highly penetrating fracture sealer to help strengthen the stone and help eliminate reflections. Kit contains 8 oz. resin and 1 oz. hardener.
Item No. 08-632 $19.95  3+ $15.50


08-622.jpg (7019 bytes) ATTACK. Dissolve epoxy cements with this liquid without harming most surrounding materials. Used to separate bonded parts such as stones from dops or remove excess epoxy. 8 oz. can.
Item No. 08-622 $12.85  3+ $11.00 ea.


ALCOHOL LAMP. Great for melting dopping wax and stick shellac. A "tilt type" alcohol lamp can be used from any angle. Heavy clear glass and nickel plated metal parts. Adjustable wick, wick cap and chain included.

Item No. 08-607 $7.75


LAMP WICKS. Package of 1 dozen wicks for alcohol lamp.

Item No. 08-608


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